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Social and Behavioural Sciences


Most degree programmes at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences are based in the Pieter de la Court building on the Wassenaarseweg in Leiden. This central location is easy to reach and is also close to the Bio Science Park, the LUMC, and other organisations we work with in education and research.

Besides this location, some degree programmes are based in The Hague, at Campus The Hague’s Wijnhaven building. Our research activities take place at the above locations, but also in the SSH labs in the Sylvius Building, at LUBEC in the Rijnveste Building, and, in the case of CWTS, in the Willem Einthoven Building.

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Modern and pleasant learning and working environment

Most of Leiden University's buildings have stood the test of time and evoke an impressive sense of history and atmosphere. The challenge is to ensure that these buildings also provide work and study spaces that meet modern requirements. Every employee should have access to a workspace where they can work in silence, as well as to spaces with opportunities for meetings or video calls. In the period from 2020 to 2023, we learned how to develop modern and multifunctional spaces, such as living labs, hybrid meeting rooms, and coaching spaces. We are also actively working on making our buildings more accessible so that people with disabilities can also access our spaces independently. We want to creatively boost the vitality of our community by facilitating exercise, rest, nutrition, sustainability, art, and culture.

Working from home and blended learning

At Leiden University, working from home is still an option. But we also firmly believe in encouraging face-to-face contact among staff and students, both within and beyond their own institutes, regardless of department or discipline. To this end, we are constantly developing versatile spaces with an inviting atmosphere. In education, too, we are always looking at how hybrid approaches can contribute to greater calm and accessibility.

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