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Probability, Operations, and Dynamics

Events in Probability

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Seminars in Leiden

iPOD seminar 

Leiden Complex Networks Network

National events

Mark Kac seminar

Annual Lunteren Meeting

International events

One World Probability Seminar 

One World Numeration Seminar

Expanding Dynamics Series

Events in 2022

28 January
LCN2: speaker Suman Chakraborty,  Sparse random graphs with many triangles.

 25 February

 07-11 March
Workshop on "Population Dynamics and Statistical Physics in Synergy" at Oberwolfach.

 25 March
NETWORKS Match Maker Event (online) + LCN2

 07 April
Evening of the Abel prize, KNAW Amsterdam

 08 April
Abel prize lectures, CWI Amsterdam

 19-20 April
Dutch Mathematical Congress, Utrecht

April 22

09-12 May
Training Week NETWORKS

 27 May

 30 May - 24 June
Probability School, Vancouver

 24 June

 18-22 July
Workshop on "Multi-dimensional Continued Fractions and Euclidean Dynamics
", Lorentz Center, Leiden

 26-30 September
Workshop on "Graph Limits, Non-parametric models and Estimation",
Simons Institute Berkeley, co-organised by EURANDOM.

07-09 November
Dutch Stochastics Meeting (50th edition), Lunteren

12-16 December
orkshop on "Recent Developments in Stochastic Duality", LC

19-23 December
Workshop on "The Lorentzt Gas", LC

09-14 January 2023
Japan-Netherlands meeting in Fukuoka, Japan

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