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Probability, Operations, and Dynamics

Guide to prospective students

If you are intrested instudying stochastics, the following information will help you to choose the right path

Bachelor programme

During the first 3 years of your studies you have te option to select a number of courses which will allow you to specialize in one of the areas represented in our group: Probability Theory, Operations Research, Ergodic Theory & Dynamical Systems. The following roadmap is meant to provide a basic guide. Do not hesitate to consult with your Study Advisor.

Stochastics roadmap

The final step toward the  BSc degree in Leiden is the Bachelor project (part of the Bachelor seminar). Here are some examples of recent final projects:

  • Maarten Markering, The large deviation principle for inhomogeneous Erdos-Renyi random graphs (2020) [Arxiv].
  • Kaitlyn .M. Fitzgerald, The effect of system parameters on customer behaviour (2020).

Master programme

The master programme in Leiden offers a lot of flexibility, and can be tailored to individual intrests.

The Mathematics Master programme consists of 120 European Credit Transfer System (EC) points and includes 

  • advanced courses (min 60 EC) 
  • electives (maximum 20 EC). 
  • a research project (40 EC), 

Note that,  at least 30 EC are to be taken from the Dutch national Mastermath programme.


Recent MSc theses:

Stefan Achterhof, Synchronization in the two-community noisy Kuramoto model (2020).

Benthen Zeegers,  On invariant densities and Lochs’ Theorem
for random piecewise monotonic interval maps

PhD programme

Our group is actively involved in the NETWORKS programme, which offers fully funded PhD positions. Members of the group regularly receive individual grants. Please contact the staff members if you are interested in doing PhD research in Leiden.

Recent PhD theses in POD group:


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