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Graduate School of Science


PhD candidates carry out a programme of independent research and additional (limited) course work, culminating in production of a PhD thesis in typically 4 years.

A detailed description of the research projects can be found on the website of the Leiden Institute for Physics (LION). This inventory includes the specific interests of the individual staff members.


Specific requirements of the PhD programme depend on the specialisation chosen and are determined in agreement with the supervisor of the thesis. In many cases, the advanced courses are given in a joint effort of research groups of different Dutch universities.


The PhD candidates actively participate in national and international meetings as a part of their training. EU research networks may play a role in broadening the PhD programme. The PhD thesis is written in English, the language commonly used in the research groups.

MSc degree

An MSc degree is required for admission to the PhD programme. If appropriate, the PhD project will be a continuation of an MSc research project. Every year, LION has paid positions available for PhD candidates, that are filled on a merit basis.


A paid position includes limited assistance in undergraduate teaching. It may also be possible to enter the PhD programme with self-obtained grants. Grants must provide for costs of living and for a bench fee.

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