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Graduate School of Science

Applying to the Graduate School of Science

Once you have secured a PhD position, a scholarship, or other funds and you have found a supervisor who is willing to supervise you during the PhD track, you should apply to the Graduate School of Science. This page informs you about the application procedure.

Step 1: Register at the Graduate School of Science

You register at the Graduate School of Science by sending an email to the Graduate School of Science Office (GSO): gsoffice@science.leidenuniv.nl. The GSO will then check with your supervisor and send you the login credentials for LUCRIS GSM, the software tool for PhD-administration.

In order to approve your admission to the Graduate School, the GSO must have certified copies of your Master's degree, including transcripts and an English translation.

Fill out and upload the application form to LUCRIS GSM. Click here for a LUCRIS GSM manual.

Step 2: Apply for permits (international applications only)

Procedures and requirements regarding visa, residence permits and work permits may differ per applicant, as rules differ from country to country.  The Service Centre International Staff (SCIS) will assist you in applying for the necessary permits.

Step 3: Officially appoint your supervisor

As soon as possible after the start of your PhD, the Dean will officially need to appoint your supervisor(s) (promotors) and co-supervisor(s) (co-promotors). Therefore, the PhD candidate needs to send an official request to the Graduate School of Science before the start of the PhD Programme. 

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