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Research project

Unraveling the role of signaling networks controlled by Grainyhead like transcription factor in breast cancer subtypes

This project is funded by the Dutch Cancer Society. The project will be part of an ongoing research line aimed at identifying mechanisms of cancer therapy resistance and metastasis. In this project, it will be investigated how the Grainyhead family of transcription factors controls therapy response and metastatic capacity of different subtypes of breast cancer. Molecular biology (e.g. ChiP-Seq and Bru-Seq) experiments and bioinformatics tools will be combined with conditional knockout approaches (Crispr/Cas9) to unravel Grainyhead-controlled signaling networks. Cell biology experiments will reveal the role of these networks in cancer-relevant cellular functions. In vivo experiments will be used to corroborate key findings in tumor metastasis and therapy response.

Erik Danen
Nederlandse Hartstichting
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