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3D Image to Characterize and Optimize antibody-mediated antitumor immunity

Bispecific antibodies with one Fab arm binding to effector cells, such as T-cells and NK-cells, while the other Fab arm recognizing a tumor associated antigen (TAA) can be used to redirect these effector cells for tumor specific killing. Using bispecific antibodies to treat hematological cancers is well-established and used in the clinic. For example, Blinatumomab is a CD3xCD19 bispecific antibody that has been approved for treatment of CD19+ B-cell acute lymphatic leukemia and currently evaluated for other hematological malignancies. However, using bispecific antibodies for recruiting of effector cells to target solid tumors is still under investigation. What are the parameters in the tumor microenvironment that modulate efficacy and what is the role of the affinities of the effector cell- and the TAA-targeting arm? We make use of 3D cultures and (real time) imaging to address these, and related questions in the context of immune cell recruitment and anti-tumor potential.

Erik Danen
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