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Research project

Violence in institutions for juvenile offenders

This study focuses on violence involving juveniles in conflict with the law who are deprived of their liberty in different institutions within the framework of the (juvenile) criminal justice system (inter alia, police detention, pre-trial detention and deprivation of liberty after conviction or sentencing).

2013 - 2014
Ton Liefaard
Council of Europe

European Committee on Crime problems (CDPC)

Council for Penological Co-operation (PC-CP)

This research briefly introduces the issue of violence in institutions for juvenile offenders. It subsequently elaborates upon the prevalence of (1) violence by inmates, including violence among juveniles, by adult inmates and against staff, including police, and by juveniles against themselves resulting in self-harm, including for example suicide. Moreover, this study focuses on the systemic factors that cause violence and that are relevant to prevent or address it. The report also provides conclusions and recommendations to the Council of Europe. 

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