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Research project

Regulation and ICT

How does the development of digital technologies impact society, and law/regulation within that society?

Gera van Duijvenvoorde

The rise and spread of digital technologies has fundamentally altered the regulatory landscape of a number of different legal fields, for example telecommunications law, IP law and media law. What’s more, it has raised fundamental questions regarding the effectiveness, scope and reach of traditional legal means, and has brought forth new proposals for regulatory and legal mechanisms for the current age. At eLaw we are interested in gaining a broad and fundamental understanding of the may ways in which the development of digital technologies impacts society, and law/regulation within that society. The research that is conducted in this area aims at developing new ideas on the changing regulatory landscape(s) in a world of digital and converging technologies, on the role of law and regulation in such a world, and the mechanisms available to regulators and policy makers to guide the development, application and use of digital technologies in such a way as to ensure the upkeep and promotion of the rule of law. Research themes include regulatory theory for the 21st century, techno-regulation and nudging, interconnection regulation, law from a complex systems perspective, and good governance and regulation of the internet.  

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