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Research project

Reception in Nietzsche’s Concept of Amor Fati

To what extent can Nietzsche's Amor Fati be seen as a Stoic concept?


The project 'Stoic Reception in Nietzsche’s Concept of Amor Fati' is funded by OIKOS, the National Research School in Classical Studies in the Netherlands. As a historical-systematic study, the project aims to reveal to what extent Nietzsche’s Amor Fati can be seen as a Stoic concept, resembling the Stoic maxim to ‘live in accordance with nature’. This research will have to take into account Nietzsche’s highly idiosyncratic method of reception. On the one hand, there are implicit and explicit appropriations of Stoicism in his doctrines, on the other hand, many fiercely critical passages can be found. The relation between man and nature, and the meaning and connotation of fate will be of main philosophical significance for my investigation.

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