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Terrorist Threat in The Netherlands: The risk perception and possibiliteis for risk communication.

This research sets out to answer the following questions: "What is the risk perception of the Dutch population regarding terrorist threats?" and "What are the possibilities for the Dutch government to communicate about terrorist threats and counterterrorism policies?"

2017 - 2018
Marieke Liem

Recent years have seen several terrorist attacks in Europe, including Paris (January and November 2015), Brussels (March 2016), Nice (July 2016), Berlin (December 2016), London (March 2017), Stockholm (April 2017), Manchester (May 2017), again London (June 2017) and Barcelona (August 2017). In the case of the Netherlands, there have been several terrorist threats. According to the National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism (NCTV), the  current national threat level is substantial (four out of five), implying that a terrorist attack in the Netherlands is likely to occur.

Over the course of nine months we have carefully assessed and analyzed various sources in order to answer this questions. We concluded that the results from this analysis indicated that the Dutch population reacts relatively calmy to attacks in neighboring countries and to the possible risks of a terrorist attack. The government should always strive to openly communicate about how to act during a terrorist attack and the possible risks of such an attack from happening.

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