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Intelligence in the Global South (GLOBALINT)

GLOBALINT is a pioneering study of intelligence in the Global South. It asks ‘how do (un)democratic shifts in political governance impact intelligence services in contexts of violent conflict?’

2024 - 2029
Zakia Shiraz
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Spying is not limited to the Western world. Most states, large or small, have a substantial tradition of intelligence with multiple security organisations engaging in all manner of surveillance and espionage. Yet, after almost half a century of academic writing on intelligence, this field remains dominated by concepts and experiences drawn from Western liberal democracies, primarily, the USA and the wider ‘Five Eyes’ alliance.

This project will develop a new avenue of research in Regional Intelligence Studies (RIS) that asks fundamental questions about the evolution of intelligence agencies in the Global South, and specifically the impact of shifts in governance and conflict dynamics. Importantly, this study offers unique insights into the transformation of intelligence under the condition of ‘new wars’ in the twenty first century, characterised by accelerating terrorism, violent internal conflict and transnational organised crime.

Image: The Economist

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