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Research project

I will maintain, enforce and uphold. Exploration into pluralization of policing functions.

The Directorate-General Police, Sanctions, and Protection has initiated this research project in order to gain insight in the nature and, if possible, the extent of the developments with regards to the pluralization of policing functions in the Netherlands in support of future policies for the benefit of the police.

Joery Matthys

PLATO (Leiden University)

This project does not only hope to gain an overview into the current situation with regards to the pluralization of the policing functions (plural policing) in the Netherlands, but will also try to investigate how the Dutch situation relates to other European variations and developments. In order to be able to so, several things are required. First of all, clarification of the exact tasks and competences executed by the police is needed in order to establish the Dutch legal context of these tasks and competences with regards to plural policing. We need to be able to differentiate between tasks and competences that are exclusively the domain of the police and tasks and competences that can be executed by the police as well as other actors.

By first providing a clearer overview of the legal context in the Netherlands, we will be able to offset this context during a next phase against variations and developments in other European countries, and especially those countries surrounding the Netherlands. These variations and developments will be analysed based on a study of literature, augmented by interviews with academic experts and professionals. Attention will also be given to the underlying mechanisms and the level of expertise required from security actors outside the police.

During a final phase, specific attention will be given to local practices in a number of Dutch municipalities. Research will be conducted into what extend the previously described legal context leads to the actual execution on a local level of policing functions by actors other than the police, to which tasks and competences of the police this applies, and whether attention is given to the expertise of the different security actors. During this phase we will also investigate whether these developments are consistent with the variations and developments on a European level and particularly with those in neighbouring countries. The aim is to obtain a better insight in the future developments of plural policing in the Netherlands and to generate input for a larger quantitative research project into the practices of plural policing.

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