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Abrupt Climate Change and Cultural Transformation

Peter Akkermans

This synthesis will emphasize the interdependencies between the research issues involved (see above), focussing on the complex interplay between abrupt climate change (the 8.2k event) and subsequent human adaptation (innovation and change in Late Neolithic communities). We aim at a comprehensive interpretation of cultural development in Syria in the Late Neolithic, integrating the outcome of the proposed research programme with other, competing, approaches to the study of the Late Neolithic Near East. The synthesis will also deal with the relationship between a series of controversial, yet relevant, image-forming themes regarding the Late Neolithic, such as population dynamics, mobility, expressions of (private) property, and the extent of social differentiation.  

Both applicants will also act as the editors of the volume with the proceedings of the planned international symposium in Leiden in spring 2009 ( Investigating the Late Neolithic of the Near East – New Perspectives and Recent Research).
The symposium seeks the contribution of renowned researchers in the field, and aims at establishing an up-to-date account of current fieldwork and other research of the Late Neolithic in the Near East.

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