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Affinity and kinetics study of anthranilic acids as HCA2 receptor agonists

Structure-affinity relationship (SAR) and structure-kinetics relationship (SKR) studies were combined to investigate a series of biphenyl anthranilic acid agonists for the HCA2 receptor.

Van Veldhoven, J.P.; Liu, R.; Thee, S.A.; Wouters, Y.; Verhoork, S.J.; Mooiman, C.; Louvel, J.; IJzerman, A.P.
28 July 2015
Online publication

In total, 27 compounds were synthesized and twelve of them showed higher affinity than nicotinic acid. Two compounds, 6g (IC50=75nM) and 6z (IC50=108nM) showed a longer residence time profile compared to nicotinic acid, exemplified by their kinetic rate index (KRI) values of 1.31 and 1.23, respectively. The SAR study resulted in the novel 2-F, 4-OH derivative (6x) with an IC50 value of 23nM as the highest affinity HCA2 agonist of the biphenyl series, although it showed a similar residence time as nicotinic acid. The SAR and SKR data suggest that an early compound selection based on binding kinetics is a promising addition to the lead optimization process.

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