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International Environmental Obligations and Liabilities in Deep Seabed Mining

On dinsdag 26 juni 2018, Linlin Sun defended her doctoral thesis ‘International Environmental Obligations and Liabilities in Deep Seabed Mining’. The doctoral research was supervised by Prof. dr. N.J. Schrijver en Prof. dr. E.C.P.D.C. De Brabandere.

Linlin Sun
26 June 2018
Leiden Repository

Deep seabed mining (DSM) – mining activities in the seabed area beyond national jurisdictions (the Area) – is now in a crucial transitional period between exploration and exploitation. Against this background, the question of how to secure the common interest of marine environmental protection in DSM becomes increasingly compelling.

This dissertation deals with this issue by attempting to answer two major legal questions faced by all the participants in DSM – the contractor, the sponsoring State and the International Seabed Authority (ISA).

  1. What are their international environmental obligations?
  2. What are the legal consequences in case of a breach of these obligations?
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