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De rechtspraakverzamelingen van Julius Paulus

On 23 oktober 2018, Elsemieke Daalder defended her doctoral thesis 'De rechtspraakverzamelingen van Julius Paulus'. The doctoral research was supervised by prof. mr. W.J. Zwalve and Prof. mr. E. Koops.

Elsemieke Daalder
23 October 2018
Leiden Repository

In her dissertation, Elsemieke Daalder intends to use a legal and historical analysis of the reports of Roman lawyer Julius Paulus to portray the judicial activities of Septimius Severus and to relate this to the constitutional, institutional and historical context in which the decisions of Severus and, by extension, the collections of justice from Paul have come into being. The study of the interaction between context and content then makes it possible to find out Paul's motives for publishing the court rulings of Septimius Severus.

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