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Porosity between Politics and the Economy

Porosity between Politics and the Economy addresses the relationships between politics and the economy in deeply original ways. It is a book motivated by a sense of urgency aroused by both the failure of modern capitalism and the environmental crisis.

Egidius Berns - Edited by Frank Chouraqui
26 September 2022

Egidius Berns argues that the relations between politics and the economy are porous, and he investigates the consequences of this porosity. By mapping out of a number of conceptual fault lines that underpin the weaknesses of post-industrial capitalist societies, Berns provides a fresh look at the current crisis of open societies.

But the book also preliminarily points to a path to reforming the relations between the economy and politics. By analyzing the web of conceptual connections that will continue to inform any possible configuration between them, it finds a way into a future characterized by a certain ethics that combines restraint and combativeness.”

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