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Effectiveness of audience segmentation in instructional risk communication: A systematic literature review

Understanding how different audiences react to different messages is pivotal to develop a more effective instructional risk communication in practice. This article provides a list of the concepts and key elements that should be considered when creating effective communication messages.

A. Bartolucci, M.C. Aquilino, L. Bril, J. Duncan, T. van Steen
19 July 2023
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The researchers used a selection process aimed to identify articles with relevant research on the application and the testing of effectiveness of audience segmentation in the context of disaster and/or risk communication. The application of audience segmentation in instructional communication has been investigated in various disciplines. 

This review shows that audience segmentation can prove effective not only in health and climate communication, but also in crisis communication. The results confirm the importance of tailoring contents of instructional risk communication to the needs of heterogeneous audiences through target messages. In the presentation of the findings of this systematic literature review, several important themes emerged, such as the importance of community engagement, the role of the leader, the necessity to involve vulnerable groups and the role of social media.

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