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Research facilities

Experimental Linguistics Lab Facilities

Psycholinguistic research
Staff, PhDs, students and guest researchers. For all inquiries, borrowing equipment, questions and comments, please send an email to LUCL labs (lucl-labs@hum.leidenuniv.nl).
Cleveringaplaats 1
2311 BD Leiden
LUCL labs

The LUCL Labs consist of four spaces equipped to conduct high-quality experimental linguistic research. There is a meeting point and waiting room in Lipsius 1.11 to be used by all lab users and their participants.

All LUCL researchers are encouraged to make use of these spaces. Colleagues from other institutes and departments may also use these spaces at a reasonable cost and subject to availability. We encourage interdisciplinary collaborations between researchers within LUCL and across institutes. 

Most of the sound-attenuated booths can be used for behavioural experiments alongside their dedicated techniques. If you would like to run experiments in one of the labs, please get in touch with the LUCL labs.

Recording material

Phonetics Lab (Lipsius 1.07)

The Phonetics Lab was the first experimental lab set up at the Leiden University Centre for Linguistics (LUCL) in 1983. It consists of a recording set-up and four workstations for data analysis on auditory recordings, carried out by experimental and descriptive linguists alike.

EEG caps

EEG Lab (Lipsius 1.04)

In the EEG Lab, which was opened in 2013, researchers can test language processing in the most direct way: by measuring exactly when the brain responds to specific stimuli. The EEG Lab is comprised of three set-ups with BioSemi Active Two system (64 + 8 channels) with Actiview, and two workstations for data analysis with Brain Vision Analyzer software.


Eye-tracking Lab (Lipsius 1.12)

Established in 2008, the Eye-Tracking lab contains a high performance Eyelink 1000 eye tracking system. There is both a stable desktop system and a mobile system that can be taken on fieldwork or can be combined with other methods.


Baby Lab

Baby Lab (Lipsius 1.10)

The LUCL Baby Lab was first opened in 2008 in the Leiden University‚Äôs Social Sciences faculty at the Pieter de la Court building. A new Baby Lab was opened in the Lipsius building in 2015. The Baby Lab is a welcoming environment for babies with a spacious sound-attenuated booth and two workstations and a live video monitor and recording device.

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