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Twan Huys lecturer Journalism and New Media

Television presenter and journalist Twan Huys will be a lecturer in Journalism and New Media at Leiden University from 1 September 2024.

Huys is known for the television programmes Buitenhof and College Tour. Previously, he presented Nieuwsuur and has been a correspondent in Washington DC and New York.

In the new academic year, Huys will, among other things, take some 40 master's students under his wing. Together with the students, he will prepare a series of interviews with renowned journalists to be published in podcast form.

‘I’m really looking forward to working with the journalism master's students at Leiden University,’ he said. When editing College Tour, students from this programme in particular were often excellent, inquisitive interns. Now I get to transfer knowledge to them during their studies. That’s an honourable assignment.’

In addition to the master’s students, Huys will also provide lectures and interview workshops to students in the Journalism and New Media minor.

Jaap de Jong, professor at these programmes, is pleased with the arrival of this experienced journalist at Leiden University: ‘The journalism programme has a double objective: gaining both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Twan Huys can share a wealth of practical experience with our students. Together, we will set up a super College Tour Podcast series.’

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