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Exhibition on 50 years of archaeological fieldwork in Oss celebrates an archaeological 'Walhalla'

In 1974 Professor Modderman (founder of the Institute for Prehistory Leiden; predecessor of the present Faculty of Archaeology) executed a small excavation in the city of Oss. The Middle Iron Age cemetery, built over by Roman Period farmhouses, proved to be the start of a unique archaeological regional research project that celebrates its fiftieth anniversary in 2024. This remarkable project is now celebrated with a temporary exhibition at the entrance of the Van Steenis building.

Oss through the ages

The exhibition, titled The archaeological 'Walhalla' Oss, presents the layers of human habitation in the contemporary municipality of Oss. It takes you from the first farmers of the Late Neolithic to the chieftain burials of the Iron Age and beyond. It also reflects on the impact of five decades of archaeological research on the identity of municipality and its inhabitants.

Field Research and Education Centre

The exhibition features objects that are being studied by staff members from the Field Research and Education Centre of the Faculty of Archaeology. It will be held until September 2024.

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