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Tuvana Aras presents her research on environmental protection in the EU at Max Planck Conference

On 13 October 2023, Tuvana Aras, PhD Candidate at the Europa Institute and the International Institute of Air & Space Law, took part in the Second Max Planck Law Conference for Young European Scholars hosted by the Max Planck European Law Group in Frankfurt, Germany.

During the two days conference, participants discussed the past and the future of European law, the challenges that Europe faces, and the resilience and suitability of the constitutional framework of the European Union.

Together with her co-author Nathan de Arriba-Sellier (Rotterdam School of Management), Tuvana Aras presented a paper arguing for the recognition of the principle of environmental integration enshrined in Article 11 TFEU as a general principle of EU Law. Article 11 TFEU requires the integration of environmental protection in the definition and implementation of the policies and activities of the European Union. The research notably shows that the case-law of the European Court of Justice has not only been falling short of the intention of the Member States, but is also lagging behind the necessary policy and legal response to the environmental crisis. The paper further exposes the potency of the principle of environmental integration and the need to uncover it as a general principle of Union law.

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