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Simona Demkova on the transnational challenges of EU large-scale databases

On 23-24 October, 2023, Simona Demkova spoke at the meeting of Transnational Administrative Law Network on the transnational challenges of the EU large-scale informational cooperation, based on her recently published book, 'Automated Decision-Making and Effective Remedies'. The theme of this TALN meeting was on the challenges for transnational administrative law in the field of migration.

Demkova joined the panel on ‘Transnational situations and tools’, with distinguished experts, including Françoise Segura (Juge, Cour Nationale du Droit d’Asile, point de contact des tribunaux et Cours de l’AUEA) and Dr Emilie Chevalier (Univ. de Limoges). In her presentation, Demkova focused on the transnational and composite nature of the European informational cooperation, which, coupled with the increasing automation capacities of the individual databases, poses unique challenges to accountability and effective oversight. With the new technological capacities of the individual systems, their recently established interoperability and the increasing uptake of powers by the EU agencies (especially Frontex and Europol) within this context, her presentation warned of further widening of the accountability gaps in the migration context. She highlighted among others the existing jurisdictional limits of European administrative law in light of the increasing fragmentation in sectoral rules and procedures for the oversight of the EU’s large-scale information exchange practices, including under the upcoming Artificial Intelligence Act.

More information about Demkova's recently published book 'Automated Decision-Making and Effective Remedies'. 

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