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Making a difference in palliative care: Liesbeth van Vliet wins EAPC Award

Health psychologist Liesbeth van Vliet receives International recognition for her research on doctor-patient communication in the setting of advanced, life-limiting illnesses. She has been awarded the Post Doctoral Research Award at the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC) World Congress in Rotterdam

'When faced with a serious, incurable illness, people need excellent communication’

Liesbeth van Vliet received the Post Doctoral Research award for her research at the 18th EAPC World Congress in De Doelen in Rotterdam. She had the honor to give a plenary presentation to inform the audience about how communication heals and harms in serious illness. 'When faced with a serious, incurable illness, people need excellent communication, such as clear information and empathy, in addition to excellent medical care', explains Van Vliet. 'It is fantastic that this year, the prize has been awarded to the research that is being done on communication in palliative care by myself and many other colleagues’.

Each year the European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC) hands out three awards, to recognize the work of palliative care researchers and clinicians who have recently made or are presently making an excellent contribution to research and clinical practice, public advocacy, policy, or education. The goal is to emphasize the individual's professional development as well as their current and projected contributions to the field.

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