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Esteban Szmulewicz publishes an article on intergovernmental relations

Szmulewicz, a PhD candidate at the Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law, has written an article on intergovernmental relations (IGR) from a multidisciplinary perspective, considering law in the text and law-in-action, while analysing paradigmatic cases as well as comparative perspectives.

The article published in the Encyclopedia of Contemporary Constitutionalism addresses the most important institutions, actors, and instruments by which IGR are manifested and is part of the theoretical framework for Szmulewicz’s research. It also confronts contemporary challenges, like the experiences and lessons from the Covid-19 pandemic, the normative complexities that executive IGR raise for multilevel democracy, the federal predominance that characterises many current developments, and the inclusion of local governments and formally non-federal cases, like Italy and others, into the agenda.

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