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On exchange without leaving your student room: ECOLe teaching grant makes it possible

Working from your Leiden room with students from the United States: Univeristy Lecturer Dario Fazzi’ students will soon be able to take up this challenge. He receives a grant from the Faculty of Humanities and ECOLe to set up a ‘virtual exchange programme.

Fazzi has long been using virtual exchange programmes in his teaching. ‘I think virtual exchange programs are an incredibly useful tool to stimulate critical thinking and intercultural communication’, he states.

Working together with an ocean in between

With the grant, Fazzi wants Leiden and American students to reflect together on environmental issues. ‘The students from will work together, online and for a few weeks, exploring the historical roots and societal impact of crucial environmental challenges affecting coastal and delta regions across the Atlantic.’

Even more engaging and inclusive

The grant allows Fazzi to enrich the exchange for the students. ‘Students’ll be engaged in interactive online activities such as historical map-making and multi-actor environmental role-plays. We’re thinking of investing part of the grant in VR software and hardware so to make the experience of both mapping locations of environmental degradation and participating in the environmental role play even more engaging and inclusive.’

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