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Roel Becker and Joyce Esser present lecture on German public law

On 2 December, Roel Becker and Joyce Esser, both PhD candidates at the Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law, gave a lecture for their colleagues and the students of Res Publica, the master’s association Constitutional and Administrative Law. In the lecture, they paid attention to the meaning of the history and the constitutional principles of the German system of public law for the federalism (Roel) and the system of legal protection under administrative law (Joyce).

The lecture was based on the comparative law research that both Roel and Joyce have been conducting in Germany for their research projects. As part of this research, Roel spent three months at the Humboldt Universität in Berlin and Joyce visited the University of Augsburg over the summer. We can look back on a successful lecture, in which different lines of research were combined and which involved both colleagues as well as students. After the lecture, there was time to meet up over drinks. 

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