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Moritz Jesse speaks about integration of workers in Oxford

Dr Moritz Jesse (Associate Professor at the Department of European law) spoke at a symposium organised at Oxford Brooks University. The symposium, which took place in October 2022, dealt with the question in how far integration of economic immigrants can be facilitated by the Law and the application of legal rules in practice. In his talk, Dr Jesse emphasised that there is a proven way of organising rules in a way that the potential for inclusion of immigrants is (almost) maximised and that this way of governing the immigration and integration of individuals would not be something new or experimental at all; namely the legal rules applicable to economically active individuals who move from one Member State of the EU to another based on the rules of the EU’s internal market.

As Jesse reminded the audience, this group benefits from easy, demand-driven entry rights, residence security, and equal treatment in the place of destination. There are no restrictions, for example concerning changing employers, which would put residence security or rights at peril in EU free movement rules. In short, individuals benefitting from EU free movement rules applicable on the EU’s internal market maximise the potential immigrants have for inclusion. Jesse then pleaded to introduce a similar system for third-country nationals based on demand-driven entry rights, residence security, and equality with the host population.

The papers presented at the symposium will be published in the Journal of Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Law in a special issue titled: ‘The Zero-sum game of economic migration: Integration through Rights?’

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