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Matthew Broad wins the Carla Musterd Award for Teaching

At the latest Institute Council meeting in November, the institute’s biannual prize for teaching was awarded. The award is named after Carla Musterd, a former, highly valued member of staff, who was famous for her unflinching dedication to teaching standards and excellence. The award was created to recognize outstanding contributions to the teaching programs in which the Institute participates.

Once every two years, a faculty member of the Institute is awarded the Carla Musterd Award for teaching. Since its founding, the prize has been awarded to Geert Janssen, Robert Stein, Henk Kern, Catia Antunes, Jan Oster, Alanna O’Malley, Adriaan van Veldhuizen, and Andy Gawthorpe. For this year’s award, four faculty members were nominated for their teaching excellence: Bart Verheijen, Vera Scepanovic, Bernhard Rieger and Matthew Broad. Some of the courses for which they were nominated had to pivot to a fully online environment, which makes these nominations doubly impressive.

The management team congratulates Matthew Broad upon being awarded the Carla Musterd Award for Teaching 2022. Matthew Broad is a lecturer in the History of International Relations. He was nominated especially for the courses ‘Euroscepticsm’ in the MA European Union Studies, and ‘Brexit and Populism’ in the Minor European Union Studies. Many students let us know he truly made an impact on their learning. In particular, students lauded Matthew’s dedication to teaching, his creative efforts to invite students to challenge their assumptions, and the sense of humor he brings to his classes.

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