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Reijer Passchier to teach course in the nationwide AI course Ethics

This course in ethics is a continuation of the popular Nationale AI-Cursus from 2018. In which over 300,000 people have since participated.

‘With the benefits scandal and the flagrant privacy violations by tech companies it is high time that everybody in the Netherlands understands how AI works and which ethical dilemmas are lurking round the corner when data and algorithms are being used,’ according to initiator Jim Stolze.

In the course, scientists such as José van Dijck, Jeroen van den Hoven, and Quirine Eijkman address questions such as: how do you code ethics? What does it mean to have a job interview with a robot? And: what is wrong with Facebook?

Reijer will be focusing on the consequences AI has for a democratic rule of law. He will base his teachings on the research he is conducting at Leiden University and the Open Universiteit. 

If you are interested in taking the free course, please visit: ethiek.ai-cursus.nl 

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