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Flashpoints: an interactive game on counter-terrorism

Have you ever wondered what your choices would be, facing a major crisis? Had your thoughts about the course of action taken bij authorities, media, law enforcement or the public in the wake of a terrorist attack?

At the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism in the Hague, where Leiden University assistant professor Joanna Cook works as project manager, they do that all the time. And now it is your turn to step up and take responsiblity, in ICCT’s Flashpoints, an interactive game on counter-terrorism.

Key moments an key actions

Flashpoints places the player in in the perspective of key actors after a terror attack. The scenarios are the attack itself, the trial and prosecution of the perpetrator and the aftermath and lessons learned. The player goes through the events by answering questions on key moments an key actions. Each chapter and question offers a point of consideration and reflection. Players will find that the choices made behind an office desk are not always the choices that will be made on site.

10-year anniversary

The game is inspired by both work produced through ICCT over the last decade, but also a real-world case study. The player is offered additional readings from ICCT work in the past, as well as real-world examples from a case study that will be revealed as the narrative moves forward.

Flashpoints was produced by ICCT to celebrate it’s 10-year anniversary. Dr. Joana Cook was appointed Associate Professor of Terrorism and Political Violence in 2020.

Curious? Play the game here

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