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Special edition The Hague Journal of Diplomacy available online free of charge

The Hague Journal of Diplomacy (HJD) closes 2020 with a free publication on the impact of the corona crisis. Thirteen authors on four continents write about 'Diplomacy after Covid19'.

In the 15th anniversary year, the policy relevance of scholarly work in the ISGA journal is greater than ever. As the knowledge envoy [Dirk-Jan Koch, Chief Science Advisor, ed.] of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs wrote: 'The Hague Journal of Diplomacy supports us realtime'.

Twice as hard work for the same result

Editor-in-chief Jan Melissen is delighted with this issue, especially at a time when scientific journals around the world are feeling the effects of the crisis. It's twice as hard work for the same result,' says Melissen, 'and then the motivation of such an excellent group of authors from all over the world is a huge boost.

See blogs, podcasts and links to social media for wider audiences on the HJD site. The HJD Media Team sees science communication as a priority and also as a bridge to students in The Hague and elsewhere.

You can find the free publication right here

The Hague Journal of Diplomacy (HJD) is the world’s leading research journal for the study of diplomacy and was founded in 2005. The journal is published by Brill. The journal publishes on the theory, practice, processes and outcomes of diplomacy in both its traditional forms, as well as contemporary diplomatic expressions practiced by states and non-state entities. Each issue aims at a balance between theoretical and empirical studies. Diplomatic studies is an inter-disciplinary field. A central aim of HJD is to present work from a variety of intellectual traditions and the journal is receptive to a wide array of methodologies.

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