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Ingrid Leijten on radio about freedom of expression

On 12 November Ingrid Leijten was a guest on Dutch NOS NPO Radio 1 programme Met het Oog op Morgen. She was asked to speak about the right to freedom of expression.

The programme responded to the debate that day in the Dutch House of Representatives about the recent terrorist acts in France and freedom of expression. The issue of the petition to make insulting the Prophet a criminal offence was a point of fierce discussion.  

The programme dealt with the importance and effect of the right to freedom of expression. Leijten explained why this fundamental right plays a crucial role in our democratic society, how it can be restricted and the limits that apply to this possibility.  She also considered the role of the courts and how they can verify whether limits to freedom of expression are permitted in certain cases.

Listen to the interview (in Dutch) here (from 18:20, after the report on the debate in the House of Representatives).

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