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'Data breach at Jeugdriagg can have life-long consequences for these children'

An investigation by Dutch news site RTL Nieuws reveals that an error at the Regional Institute for Juvenile Outpatient Mental Healthcare (Jeugdriagg), has led to the files of children, many with serious psychological problems, being leaked.

Simone van der Hof

The files leaked from Kenter Jeugdhulp, the new name for Jeugdriagg, contain the full names of young children and include highly sensitive details about their private life – such as psychological disorders, an unstable home situation, drugs abuse and all kinds of problems at school. One of Kenter Jeugdhulp’s leaked files dealt with a youngster with autism who had difficulty adjusting in society. The file contained information about problems in the family, issues at school and with fellow pupils, what medication was used and other highly sensitive details. All recordings and reports from practitioners at the mental healthcare institutions involved are included in the files, together with the youngster’s full name, address and citizen service number.

A very serious matter, according to Simone van der Hof, Professor of Law and Digital Technologies. 'This type of data breach can have consequences that will follow these youngsters for the rest of their lives.' 

Read the full article (in Dutch) in RTL Nieuws.

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