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Daphne Tona maps the brain

Psychologist Daphne Tona is one of the first to investigate a small nucleus in the brain stem 'in vivo' in living volunteers. That nucleus is involved in cognitive function and neurological and psychiatric disorders. With this research Tona is further mapping the brain. PhD defence on September 10.

Daphe Tona:“Explorers like Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus tried to map and understand planet 'Earth', while we try to map and understand planet 'Brain and Cognition'.”

Cognitive psychologist Daphne Tona has researched a small brainstem nucleus, the locus coeruleus. She researched its anatomy and the link with stress, arousal and cognitive flexibility. She also involved physiology, namely hormone and pupil responses. The brainstem nucleus and physiological responses together form a system that has mainly been studied in animals or dead donors. A clinical approach completes her holistic approach, which is unique. She tells about her research in a mini lecture from Greece.

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