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Lotte Fikkers wins Faculty Teaching Prize 2020

Lotte Fikkers, university lecturer in English literature, received the Faculty Teaching Prize at the opening of the faculty year. ‘She is clearly very passionate about her profession.’

'I am extremely happy and very honoured that I have won the Faculty Teaching Prize 2020. I am very enthusiastic about my research area, so it comes natural to me to teach. I often use different kind of games, roleplays and, for example, moot courts. It is very nice that those are appreciated, like my students showed in their creative video! Thank you very much!' says Lotte Fikkers. 'I could not have done this without my colleagues, if I deserve this, then so do you. I would also like to thank my students for the nominations, I am honoured and I miss you.'

Lotte Fikkers

Creative teaching methods

Every year, an outstanding teacher receives the Faculty Teaching Prize. Lotte Fikkers was nominated by the Albion study association and the programme committee of the BA English language and culture. They emphasize her creative ways of teaching, such as playing out a scene from a play to help students to better understand the play better. ‘Through various interactive assignments she makes literature vibrant.' 

According to students, Lotte Fikkers has an eye for social discussions and incorporates these into her lectures. ‘She innovates the courses she teaches by paying more attention to literature that falls outside of the dominant culture. In the course on Early Modern Literature, we now discuss female writers, for example,' students wrote in their nomination. ‘She shows an interest in students' opinions and interpretations and encourages them to keep thinking about the study material and historical context.’

Personal approach

The students also praise the personal approach in Fikkers' teaching: 'She is very open, and you can always ask her questions, even after class, both about the course material and about personal issues. With her passion she enthuses many students for her profession.'

The Awarding Committee on Teaching recognized the students' observations. The pleasant atmosphere in the classroom was palpable and a reason why all students participated enthusiastically. ‘Fikkers gives everyone a moment to speak. She shows students new perspectives without it coming across as forced', was the verdict. 'Fikkers keeps up with the times, motivates her students and passes her passion for the profession on to future generations. 

Faculty Teaching Prize

Every teachers of the faculty can be nominated for the Faculty Teaching Award. The jury, consisting of the Committee on Teaching, assesses the nominated teachers based on the quality of their lectures, supervision and educational material. With the prize comes a sum of €1000.

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