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Tutors receive digital support

In the Leiden Tutor programme, Leiden students support junior school pupils from lower socio-economic backgrounds. This is a difficult task so the department has now launched a website offering tips and tricks. These tips and tricks can also be useful for other tutors in the Netherlands.

By helping school pupils from a lower socio-economic environment with their school work, Leiden student-tutors hope to close the gap in education. Many tutors have little or no experience of teaching, which makes their task far from easy.

During the regular peer review sessions that are held with tutors, we saw that they often came up against the same obstacles,’  says Pedro De Bruyckere, education specialist at Leiden University and co-initiator  of the website. ‘We hope to head off some of the problems future tutors experience by offering them a place on this website (in Dutch) where they can examine and discuss these issues.’

The website shows practical examples from tutors. It also offers simple guidelines for removing obstacles in teaching. The Leiden Tutor Programme aims to give students the confidence they need to guide pupils in different competences.  

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Tutors from outside Leiden University can also use the website. ‘It’s a source of inspiration for tutors from the Leiden Tutor programme, but also for tutors in general. They can use the examples and handy links to put together a lesson that is not only fun, but also educational,’ says De Bruyckere.

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