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Research project

Linking quantum technology to society

How can we connect quantum technology and society for an open debate on its future implications and applications?

Julia Cramer
Groeifonds (QuantumDeltaNL) Groeifonds (QuantumDeltaNL)


Research into the societal impact of quantum technology on society is highly relevant. Understanding the concerns, questions and acceptance of societal groups will help to promote, understand and improve societal engagement in quantum technology. We want to know at an early stage what specific groups in society need and expect, which types of outreach work, and how quantum technology can land in a feasible and effective way that benefits society.

The ambition of the Quantum and Society research group at Leiden University is to enhance societal readiness of quantum technology via mission-driven science communication research. We develop evidence-based outreach and tools to measure the impact of such interventions. Studies on the impact of communication by experts and media, the attitudes of social groups, empirically based research on interventions such as popular science events and dialogues between scientists and society will contribute to improving and advising on the societal implementation of the promising quantum technology.


This project currently consists of two projects:

  • Demystifying the quantum internet: How does a carefully developed quantum internet narrative affects the societal readiness for quantum technology? The goal is to define a proper quantum internet narrative  that increases the societal readiness of quantum technologies and demystifies the technology. 
  • Let’s talk about quantum: Could an artistic video which is co-created in a workshop with citizens, contribute to emotional-moral deliberation on the societal implementation of quantum technology? This project aims to contribute to such a societal debate, thereby thinking outside the box and trying out research methods such as co-creation in order to investigate and assess the impacts


This research contributes to:

  • A deeper understanding of the current state of ‘societal readiness’ regarding quantum technology.
  • The development of evidence-based outreach including evaluation tools
  • Increase and diversification of the quantum-community
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