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How to improve the emotional intelligence of EU law?

Research grant awarded to Armin Cuyvers for innovative research combining EU law and social psychology. In an age where identity often trumps economic rationality, the EU struggles for legitimacy. Brexit of course provides a rather spectacular example of the EU failing to counter a deeply emotional campaign captured by the slogan ‘take back control’.

In the context of this challenge, Dr. Armin Cuyvers has been awarded a sectoral research grant for a proposal which innovatively applies key insights from social psychology and psychophysiological research to improve the legitimacy of EU law. The proposal was submitted together with Daan Scheepers, professor of Group Psychophysiology in Leiden and Utrecht and Naomi Ellemers, Distinguished university professor in psychology at Utrecht University. The grant covers one full PhD scholarship for four years, and is intended as the starting point of a new research line to provide fresh, evidence based suggestions for improving the legitimacy and social inclusiveness of EU law.

For any questions, please contact Dr. Armin Cuyvers of the Europa Institute of Leiden Law School

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