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Research on Research Institute launches: More strategic, open, diverse and inclusive research

On Monday 30 September, Leiden University was one of the partners proud to announce the launch of the Research on Research Institute (RoRI) - an international consortium of research funders, academic institutions, and technologists working to champion the latest approaches to research on research.

‘Innovation capacity at an unprecedented scale’

Sarah de Rijcke, Director of the Leiden Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS), is one of the Co-Chairs of RoRI and stresses the importance of the collective: ‘Science and innovation systems are changing rapidly to meet global challenges. These changes often go together with heated debates about the value and reliability of science and scholarship. At CWTS, we are thrilled to bring to RoRI our decades’ worth of experience in analysing the research system and its connections to technology, innovation, and society. RoRI combines know-how and innovation capacity at an unprecedented scale. This creates new and exciting opportunities for research on research, and for fostering a more open, collaborative, and impactful scientific enterprise.’

Partners in meta-research

Leiden University is one of the co-founders of RoRI together with the Wellcome Trust, the University of Sheffield, and Digital Science. The consortium will undertake transformative and translational research on research (also known as meta-research, science of science or meta-science). By analysing research systems and experimenting with decision and evaluation data, tools and frameworks, we aim to advance more strategic, open, diverse and inclusive research.

Read more about the vision and objectives in the full press release:

Research on Research Institute launches to make research more strategic, open, diverse and inclusive
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