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eLaw students complete summer work experience

Students from the Advanced Master in Law and Digital Technologies completed a successful work experience programme at Privacy Company in The Hague.

Hendri De Jager, Wat Wongcheen, Elizabeth Wosu and Julia Yeo-Peters were selected for a work experience programme at Privacy Company based in The Hague. For one month, the four students researched data breach notifications across the EU and the classification of risk from an academic and practical perspective. The students undertook a comparative analysis of how the Data Protection Authorities (DPAs) of various Member States have dealt with data breach notifications and delivered a report providing data breach statistics. The comparative analysis of the data breaches “reveals that DPAs have generally followed the requirements posed by Article 33 of the GDPR. Nevertheless, the notification process of EU/EEA countries and German counties also displays minor differences in terms of the depth of the specific aspects in the notification form and guidance information provided on the respective DPA websites”.

The students also provided an overview of current academic discourse, guidance documents, and general public sentiments on the issue of risk classifications, concluding that “notification forms and guidance of DPAs which provide sufficient information and recommendations concerning the data breach notification can be a valuable aid to data controllers in correctly assessing the severity levels of risk and notifying the data subjects of the breach accordingly”.

The students commented: “Working at Privacy Company was a very enriching experience. The research topic was interesting and the company’s open and supportive work culture offered the perfect platform to apply and extend our knowledge in practice. Also, being surrounded by so many friendly and passionate colleagues who were always eager to help, made working on the project not only insightful and educative, but enjoyable."

Dr Mark Leiser, Assistant Professor in Law and Digital Technologies and organiser of the clinic that concluded the programme, noted:  “A successful postgraduate programme is not just about the delivery of classes in law and digital technology. It will open doors to students that remain closed otherwise. Our relationship with Privacy Company has again delivered a fantastic opportunity for students to gain real world experience putting their studies in data protection law into practice. Moving from the classroom to the office is part of the eLaw experience.”

Arnold Roosendaal, Director of Privacy Company stated: "Having the eLaw students here at Privacy Company was a pleasure again. It was great to see them gain some experience in consultancy practice, and have them being inspirational for our team as well with a very practical and insightful presentation of their research results."

Aafke Stuijt, Privacy Company’s project liaison officer, added: “This summer, Privacy Company’s family was extended once again to include students from eLaw . For two years now we have welcomed students who work with us on a research project in the summer. This year we met four eager, friendly and smart students who influenced our workspace in a very positive way. Their knowledge of the GDPR was great and their subsequent report and presentation on data breaches showed that they had gained even more knowledge during their time with Privacy Company. Compliments to eLaw and the students. We look forward to a new clinic next year!”

This is the second year that the work experience programme has taken place. Plans are  already underway for next summer.

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