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Podcast: how Rembrandt found his voice

Rembrandt lived long before audio and video recordings were invented. But a group of researchers has managed to reconstruct his voice. How? Lecturer in Dutch language, culture and literature, Olga van Marion, explains in the latest Science Shot.

This year marks the 350th anniversary of Rembrandt’s death. To commemorate the famous Dutch master, various activities are being held this ‘Rembrandt Year’ – in Leiden too because Rembrandt was born here and was enrolled at the University for a few years. You can see replicas of his works on seven University buildings in the city, and the Leiden Rembrandt Days [in Dutch] are being celebrated on 13 and 14 July.

The podcast is in Dutch.


In Science Shots, researchers from Leiden University talk about their research. They do this in less than 15 minutes so that you can enjoy the podcast on the train journey between our two University cities, Leiden and The Hague. The podcasts are to celebrate our 444th anniversary. 

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Interview and editing: Merijn van Nuland
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