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Nature, Society, and Scale

On Monday-Wednesday 10-12 June 2019, Jeroen Wolbers, Wout Broekema and Sanneke Kuipers represented the Institute of Security and Global Affairs (ISGA) at the fourth edition of the Northern European Conference on Emergency and Disaster Studies (NEEDS).

The NEEDS2019 conference was hosted by Uppsala University, organised by the Department of Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology and the Centre of Natural Hazards and Disaster Science. The NEEDS conference aimed 'to explore the challenges of crisis and disaster research and intervention in an interdisciplinary perspective. The conference wishes to harness its broad, interdisciplinary expertise by gathering crisis and disaster researchers from academic institutions and practitioners from the crisis and disaster management community to build networks and to discuss the most pressing issues in disaster research across the academic and practical disciplines'. The thematic focus of the conference was Nature, Society, and Scale. 


The ISGA staff participated in the following panels:

Wout Broekema and Jeroen Wolbers presented their papers on organizational learning (Broekema) and interorganizational sense making (Wolbers).

Sanneke Kuipers presented and discussed the highlights of the book “Managing Hurricane Katrina, by Arjen Boin, Christer Brown and James Richardson, together with experts from the crisis and disaster field Bengt Sundelius, Fredrik Bynander and Charles Parker.

Jeroen Wolbers and Sanneke Kuipers convened a panel together with Kees Boersma (VU University Amsterdam), and Charles Parker (Uppsala University) on Crisis Governance.


The fifth edition of the Northern European Conference on Emergency and Disaster Studies (NEEDS) will be hosted by Mid Sweden University and organised by the Risk and Crisis Research Centre, 10-12 March in Östersund, Sweden.

More information about the conference theme, call for panels and the important dates

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