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On your way to your dream job as a psychologist

On the Master’s Open Day on 15 February Liza Vromen from Harlem arrives in Leiden to investigate the pre-master’s programme Psychology. As a matter of fact she will look beyond that programme for a master’s specialisation which fits her personal interest.

That’s why Liza will visit not only the study adviser of the pre-master’s students Jan van Rooij, but she is also going to join the presentations of Occupational Health Psychology and Social and Organisational Psychology

Information fair for Methodology & Statistics

Among all those activities Liza gets some  information about Methodology & Statistics at the fair  in the central hall of the Pieter de la Court building. These ambassadors convince her with such strong arguments that their specialisation seems a good match. Liza is now a student in Applied Psychology at the HVL in Leiden where she discovered her mission while following a minor at the HVA in Amsterdam. She was just as successfull in participating in that minor in Data Science as the nerds were. Actually the lecturers would like more psychology students to participate in their programme, on which Liza comments: ‘A very nice minor.’

Labour market

Liza wants to implement her idea at the labour market where she wants to combine the soft side of Psychology with the hard facts and figures of the human resources department of companies. She will succed in analysing any dataset of any business you offer her. Then she will find out for example that due to burn out in one location  absence is higher than in another location. Burn out is hard to measure. But then she gets into her car to check the atmosphere and to find out more about the wellbeing of people at the workplace in that location.


Liza choice for psychology doesnt come out of the blue. Her mother studied Clinical Psychology. 'You want to improve organisations and  I try the same on an individual level,’  the clinical therapist says as a comparison. But these mental problems don't attract Lisa. She is more interested in prevention and to stick to positive psychology. What are people’s talents and what can they reach for?  She wants to focus on the psychology of the work atmosphere and work stress and in the meantime find solutions for companies based on hard figures, concludes Liza, thinking about her dream job. ‘In that way HR can deliver business advantages, and significant benefits can be received.


‘ But now I have to write my thesis first and after that we will  see how thing are going in the pre-master’s programme, Liza laughs. Welcome!

Banner: Liza Vromen (right) next to her mother (photo: Sherilynn van der Schoor)

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