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Master’s Open Day: Explore your options!

On 2 November, more than 800 students visited Leiden's Humanities Faculty to explore their options during the Master's Open Day. Read some of their stories here!

Robert and Tessa (Utrecht)

Robert: ‘I’m currently doing my bachelor’s in Utrecht, but the MA English Literature and Culture in Leiden is the only one in the Netherlands where you can specialize in medieval studies. I’m also interested in the MA Teaching English. I come from a family with a lot of teachers, and I’m passionate about teaching as well.’

Tessa: ‘I’m studying in Manchester for my exchange, but I’m interested in the Research MA Linguistics. I’m not sure yet what I wish to become later, but I don’t think I’ll be a teacher. I’d like to work in a company and show people you don’t have to become an English teacher, just because you study English.’

Romane (Brussels)

‘I’m studying for a master’s degree in Brussels, but I’d like to study here. Leiden is a more relaxed city than Brussels: there are fewer cars and a lot of people cycling! I went to the presentation of the MA Art History, and although it was a bit different from what I expected, the essentials were clear and to the point. There are some good art history courses that really speak to me. I’m planning to do my Erasmus’ exchange at Leiden University, but it’d be nice if I could study here for the whole year.’

Mathijs (Tilburg)

‘I’m looking for a programme that’s more economically and internationally focused, and the MA International Relations in Leiden is ranked highly in the Netherlands. I went to a couple of presentations and also watched some live streams of presentations in The Hague. I’d recommend others to also go to a Student for a Day event, as you’ll actually attend some courses. Earlier this year, I went to the International Relations’ Student for a Day event and it really helped me get a better idea of the programme on a more personal level.’

Rosa (Leiden)

‘I’m studying for my bachelor’s in Leiden as well, but I really like the city and the Faculty of Humanities offers a lot of master programmes. I went to several presentations and visited the Meet & Greet afterwards. I had different expectations of the MA Book and Digital Media Studies, but I like that you’re able to do an internship during the MA Journalistiek en Nieuwe Media.  I think it would’ve been nice to hear more from students during the presentations, but luckily you can also talk with them during the Meet & Greet.’

Master's Open Day 15 March 2019

Are you thinking about studying in The Netherlands and are you wondering what Leiden University has to offer? Come visit the Master's Open Day on Friday 15 March from 9:00-20:00 hrs. and find out which of our master's programmes taught in Leiden or The Hague suits you best! Read more.

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