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Open Day for international students: ‘I like the Leiden canals’

On Saturday 13 October the historical city Leiden was crowded with prospective students visiting the Open Day. They all came to Leiden to orientate themselves towards studying at Leiden University or to ask questions about the content of the bachelor’s programmes. Among them were a lot of international students. Let’s hear their stories.

Visitor Open Day 13 October 2018

Mary (16) from Rotterdam

Mary comes from China but has already been living in Rotterdam for several years. She’s looking to start a bachelor’s programme next year. “It’s my first Open Day in Leiden; it’s a nice city and a good university. I just visited the presentation about the Urban Studies programme. Actually, I expected the programme to be more economics based, but it was multidisciplinary: it’s about the development of cities, climate change and social developments I’m going to visit an Experience Day soon to get a first-hand feeling about what a day at this university will be like.

Visitor to the Open Day 13 October 2018

Jasper (21) from Hamburg

Jasper finished high school two years ago and is already studying in Hamburg. During the city tour he says he wants to move to Leiden to continue his studies here. “In Hamburg I’m already studying South and Southeast Asian Studies and I would like to continue the programme in the Netherlands. It’s really important for me that it’s an international programme with English as the main language. The most important questions for me today are; will they recognize my first semester in Hamburg and of course: housing.”

Visitor to the Open Day 13 October 2018

Nina (16) from Germany

Nina is in her last year of high school in Germany. “My father is Dutch, my mother German. I speak a little bit of Dutch, but if I want to study in the Netherlands I think it’s better if I do an English-taught programme. International Relations and Organisations sounds interesting to me, but International Studies also sounds attractive. I’m curious to know what the differences are between the two programmes and in which one you learn the most about how networks in the global world work.”

Visitor Open Day 13 October 2018

Annette (22) from Italy

Annette comes from Italy, but she knows the Netherlands already because her mother is Dutch. “I’m here at the Open Day to learn more about the bachelor’s in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology. I really appreciate that they combine anthropology and sociology. I would like to understand different cultures. It’s important to understand them to solve social issues. My mother is from Leiden and the city feels like home. It’s a small and nice family town, and the canals are beautiful.”

Visitor Open Day 13 October 2018

Aron (18) from Curaçao

Aron is in his last year of high school and has come over from Curaçao to orientate himself to a study in the Netherlands. He is joining the city walk. "This week I’m on holiday in the Netherlands to visit the Open Day. The Molecular Science and Technology programme appeals to me. I also enjoy chemistry at secondary school. What makes the study interesting for me is the combination of theory and applied chemistry, in Leiden and Delft. Both are beautiful old cities. The city walk is a good way to get an impression of what the city looks like and to hear how students spend their time here."

The next step after visiting the Open Day
At the Open Day you had the chance to get to know Leiden University and the programmes we offer. Have you still not decided which one suits you best? Feel welcome to visit an Experience Day on 22, 23 or 24 November 2018. It will help you decide!

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