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Favourable visitation for MSc Chemistry and LST programmes

The Chemistry and LST master’s programmes are both structured on an individual basis and well-embedded in the research at the faculty. Those are the main conclusions of the oral report at the end of the visit of the visitation panel on October 10th.

The panel expressed appreciation for the extensive contact between the students and teachers, including the mentoring system. Overall, the quality of the programmes is more than adequate, which corresponds to the maximum obtainable level.

The panel further praised the Thesis Talk system for the evaluation of research training projects and is content with the level of the graduates. The alumni possess the required skills, are broadly educated, can connect different research areas, are outspoken and have confidence.


As a recommendation, the panel suggests to enhance the positioning of the programmes compared to similar masters within the Netherlands and abroad, to improve its approach to student recruitment. The programme management looks back on a well-organised day and is very satisfied with the affirmative feedback from the visitation panel.

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