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From Baker to Added Public Value

Thursday 12 July the first Leiden Leadership Lunch took place. In the boardroom in Wijnhaven there was an informal lunch with researchers, students and managers from the field. Science and practice found each other around the theme leadership and added public value.

Leiden Leadership Lunch

Necessary change

Apart from coffee, tea and sandwiches there were two speakers. Dr. Ben Kuipers (director of the Leiden Leadership Centre) kicked off the first lunch with his findings based on research into the role of leadership and ‘purpose’ in youth and home care. 

Then baker and storyteller Johan van Maanen got the floor. Apart from buns, he treated the guests to his story about the Big Change at Bakkerij Van Maanen. In changing the attitude of management and staff, the key question was ‘what’s the main reason you get up every morning’  By giving  branches and staff more responsibility and ownership of their shops and products, staff became more active and independent, which resulted in a growth of 300% in 5 years.

One of the main lessons for the bakery was that everyone can take up leadership. Van Maanen advised to focus on the pioneers who support the changes. But above all: do not go to fast, it takes a lot of time to change. After the story, there was a discussion on leadership, added public value and public organizations with researchers, students and managers from the field.

Baker and storyteller Johan van Maanen

Leiden Leadership Lunch

The next Leiden Leadership Lunch will take place on 28 September. The third lunch is scheduled for 27 November.  Ideas for interesting subjects or speakers are welcomed. For information about the lunches you may contact: LLC@fgga.leidenuniv.nl.

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