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From dissertation to children's book

Margriet Krijtenburg, who graduated on 11 September 2012 with support from the Dual PhD Centre, wrote her dissertation about Robert Schuman, the founding father of the European Union. Her academic supervisor was Prof. dr. P.B. Cliteur, professor of Jurisprudence at Leiden University. Her dissertation has been transformed into a children's book about European and global citizenship.

The Father of Europe
The children's book is about the life of Robert Schuman through the eyes of Amira, a Syrian girl who fled the war. She is on her way to Paris with her father in a train that seems to travel through time. The traumatic events of the Franco-German War, the First World War and the Second World War, make her realise how special peace in Europe is.

Its uniqueness is described on the publisher's website:
"It is not so often that a legal thesis is converted into a children's book. This is a successful example of how that could be done. What makes the book particularly topical is that it shows the essence of European unification ('Schuman's Europe') through the eyes of two Syrian asylum seekers, a father with his daughter, who is on the run from the war in Syria in Europe. at home. "

The booklet is distributed at several schools and has been published in six languages ​​(English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian).

Dual PhD Centre
The Dual PhD Centre facilitates dual PhD research at Leiden University: professionals who spend part of their working time on scientific research. A theme from the professional practice of the professional is central to this. During the PhD research, the candidate is intensively supervised to eventually successfully graduate. For example, the centre is committed to answer questions from knowledge-intensive companies and institutions, and unique opportunities are created for both the PhD student, employer and science.

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